Ramadan Adventures

That awkward moment when you think you’ll lie down for a few minutes but then you wake up five minutes before suhoor ends and just have a date and some water and your parents think you’ll die of starvation. Advertisements


Yesterday I was getting ready to go to an iftar party and was doing my usual winged eyeliner in front of my mirror. I made a mistake with my eyeliner, as one does, but as I was running to the bathroom to grab my makeup remover to redo the liner, I realized I had stopped … More Settling


There is a point When your late night turns Into an early morning You go from night owl To early bird Tossing and turning in bed Until the covers are tangled, Reading a few pages of a book, Switching through the apps on your phone, And the thoughts in your head getting more and more … More All-Nighter


I remember A warm pool of sunlight The sandy carpet tickling my back Flipping the smooth, whispering pages of a book Minutes and hours swimming past As I am submerged in a place outside of time and thought Underwater In my secret place between the window and eternity